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First came to Namibia as a tourist in 1999 as part of a round–the–world adventure, to keep a long story short, this trip was cut short when she decided to stay in Namibia and became a tour guide for Chameleon. After a break in the UK, Africa continued to beckon and with a few months’ conservation work in Zimbabwe, Jules returned to Namibia 2004 initially as the GM for Chameleon Safaris, and subsequently as the MD for Chameleon Holidays.
In her words: I love Namibia, the huge open spaces and blue skies, the incredible variation of desert and hauntingly beautiful landscapes; its lack of people, along with the wonderful game viewing experiences and conservation programmes make it for me, one of the best holiday destinations anywhere in the world and a complete contrast to many other African countries. Each country has its own appeal but this place makes my soul sing…

Favourite animal: elephant
Favourite destination: way too many places to mention – in Namibia – the deserts in the south and in particular sitting on the granite rocks at Klein Aus looking onto the desert, and Etosha National Park where wildlife teems. In Botswana – the Delta is a must–see spot for superb game–viewing and taking in the quiet of gliding along in a mokoro, and the Serengeti in Tanzania should be on any “bucket list ” to experience the annual wildebeest migration, finally, game walks in the Zambian wilderness has to be up there to feel at one with nature.There are so many places to see and experience…..



Started working in tourism in 2010 and joined the Chameleon team in 2015 as a consultant and was promoted to Team Manager in 2018.
In her words: I always loved nature, animals and meeting new people and that’s why I fell in love with the tourism industry. Meeting people from all over the world and creating dream holidays for them and making them happy makes me happy, seeing and living my own country through their eyes, smiles and stories gives me a new perspective and a sense of accomplishment every time my new friends come back from a trip I have planned for them. Cannot wait to make your next adventure become a dream come true and an unforgettable experience.

Favourite animal: is a lion and believe it or not, I saw my first real one in 2016 at Na an kuse. What an awesome experience that was. Such a beautiful, powerful and majestic animal that mirrors not only myself but my values in life.

Favourite place: For now my favourite place is Sossusvlei, the landscape, the sand dunes with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets are breath–taking and so different to other areas of Namibia. This is definitely a MUST–GO place and a photographer’s dream.



Joined Chameleon early 2017 as an administrator and was promoted to a tour consultant in 2019 having started working within the tourism industry since 2015. She has a Bachelors Degree in Economics, and plans to pursue her Masters in Environmental Economics so in the future can assist with dealing with some of the major environmental issues Namibia is facing. She loves nature – from plants, animals, landscapes as well as different cultures with a philosophy to conserve and preserve! Her favourite place is Sossusvlei, for its breath–taking iconic landscape of bleached white pans, red–rust dunes and blue sky – beautiful. Queen’s favourite animal is the giraffe – not only the tallest animal but in her Ovaherero culture it is believed to be a self–effacing animal, reminding her to stand tall regardless of what life throws at her and to follow her dreams.


Joined the company back in 2017 and provides great support for all the consultants. In her own words – My favourite place to visit would be Katima Mulilo. On the banks of the Zambezi River with its lush riverine vegetation it gives you a tropical feel which is great when you come from the dry central and southern parts of Namibia. You see the most beautiful birds. My favourite activities I did was tiger fishing and a sundowner boat cruise on the Zambezi. Every evening we could hear the wheezing honk sound of the hippos which is very soothing. It’s just beautiful there.
My favourite animal would be the suricate. They provide you with so much entertainment that you could watch them for hours on end.


Suzie heads up the accounts team not only for Chameleon Holidays but also for the Chameleon Group of Companies, she joined Chameleon way back in 2000 as her "first job" and initially started as a camp assistant before training to be a successful guide. She spread her wings outside of Chameleon before returning to the nest as an accounts assistant before taking the helm and now runs the section and ensures all is kept ship–shape. Her favourite place in Namibia is Kaokoland, especially the area around Purros that is less travelled and where you can still experience the true wild beauty of Namibia and where animals roam free – in her words "it’s awesome to see the beautiful arid areas with springs like Purros and how animals including elephant and lion can survive here". Her favourite animal is a leopard, a solitary animal that is independent and doesn’t rely on others for survival – they can survive in different habitats and full of power and grace.

Rocco and Lunar


Poili joined Chameleon, having already worked within the tourism industry for over 2 years at another travel agent. She brings her knowledge and talent to the team as a Reservations Consultant.
In her words: Favourite place: Sossusvlei with its beautiful dunes, animals, and especially Deadvlei. It has to be my favourite because visiting was one of the highlights of my life – it makes for great photography, has breathtaking landscapes and magical sunsets. There is no other place like it!
My favourite animal is a lion – it’s my spirit animal and I am obsessed with them – not just because it is my star sign by they have a vibe of royalty, is a beautiful animal and the roar has so much power. I am a proud lioness!

Rocco and Lunar

Rocco and Lunar

Rocco and Lunar are important members of the Chameleon team, coming to work each day to ensure everything goes without a hitch and to provide the occasional woof, along with licks and cuddles. Their favourite place is Lake Oanab, which is dog friendly and where they love playing in the water. They also love walking every day at Farm Windhoek – favourite animal is a hare or bird to chase (but never getting very close to it).

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