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What to Expect when Travelling to Uganda.

Tap water is not suitable for drinking therefore we recommend you buy mineral water which you will find widely available. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Internet & Cellphone Coverage:
There are many internet cafes in Uganda and you will find many restaurants and hotels in the big cities with great access to WiFi internet.

There are also many companies in Uganda that provide SIM cards at a cost much less than US $1 with great cellphone coverage in most parts of the country. Some areas are quite remote and may not pick up any cell phone coverage so be patient.

National Parks and Reserves:
Most parks have rules and regulations which may prohibit children below the age of 12 from entry or prohibit people with any illnesses like diarrhoea to trek chimpanzees. Kindly make sure that you review all these guidelines with your guide before you set off to the parks. When on a safari or when trekking chimpanzees or gorillas make sure you keep a safe distance of at least 8m between yourself and the primates at all times. Primates are sensitive to people"s presence and actually do appreciate their own space.

Things to Remember.

Is not mandatory but the prevalent etiquette is to give something for “chai” or “Soda” (tea or a soft drink). A decent tip would be around 10% of your bill.

If you would like to utilise the local postal services make sure you are either in Kampala, Jinja, Mbale or Mbarare as these cities are sure to provide you with reliable postal services.

Uganda is a safe place. As one would generally do when travelling anywhere, be cautious when travelling alone, at night and in the cities or quiet places, do not leave your belongings unattended and mind your gadgets (camera’s, phones, etc) when walking through busy streets or areas.

Taking photographs in Uganda of official buildings is strictly prohibited and will lead to detention.

In Uganda it is strictly prohibited to wear any clothing item of camouflage or in camouflage colours or anything similar to military clothing, not even bags, hats or bandanas.


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