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07 Day Gorilla Encounter Accomodated (NAKK)

Silver Rated, Scheduled Accommodated Safari (Uganda)

Safari Highlights:
Mountain Gorilla, Nile River Rafting, Murchinson Falls
This scheduled accommodated safari departs in Nairobi, Kenya and shuttles you to Kampala for a night before you explore national parks, lakes and gorillas before you end your safari in Kampala, Uganda. A camping option can also be offered
Single Supplement: Yes
Child Friendly: No
Group Size:
Min: 4 people
Max: 20 people
2019 Rates (valid to 31 December 2019)
Per person sharing: ZAR16,450
Single Supplement: ZAR1,490
Activity package: ZAR2,700
Green seat: ZAR100

Plus: Gorilla Permit: US$630-730
The cost of a permit to visit the Gorillas is currently as above.
Please check actual amount with us closer to departure.
You will be pre-invoiced for this non-refundable amount.

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Safari Itinerary

Day 1 Kabalega Resort Hotel, Murchison Falls
After meeting your guides, we will make our way to the Murchison Falls National Park. The Murchison Fall, also referred to as the Kabaraga Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile and are located within the Murchison National Park. This afternoon we will enjoy a game drive through the park in search of the great diversity of wild animals including lion, buffalo, leopards, elephant and numerous bird species. Note: As the Chimp trekking is limited to 12 guests per trek, should there be more than 12 guests on a tour, the trekking will be split over two days. Therefore, you may find that you will first do the game drive activity followed by the Chimp trekking the following day or vice versa. Please allow for flexibility. (D)

Day 2 Kabalenga Resort Hotel, Budongo Central Forest Reserve
This morning we will meet up with our chimp guide who will take us on our trek through the forest in search of the chimps. Please allow for flexibility as this activity may take place on the previous day. (BLD)

Day 3 Sky Hotel, Kampala
This morning is set aside to participate in any activities, should we not have been able to participate in them in the previous days. It's then onto Kampala where you will have the afternoon free to take in the atmosphere of this bustling city. (BL)

Day 4 & 5 Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Gorillas
As permits granting permission to visit the gorrilas are extremely limited, we require flexibility in both the tour itinerary and where we actually visit them. The home of the mountain gorillas is completely at odds with the man-made borders and so their range encompasses Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo). Whenever possible we choose to make use of the National Park in Uganda, but this depends on the availability of permits. Should we not obtain permits to visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda then we will inform all passengers beforehand that the tour will travel to Rwanda or DRC. On your free day in Bunyonyi you will have the oppertunity to participate in certain optional activities. You can also go hiking or explore the area on a mountain bike. (BD/BD)

Day 6 Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort
Although there are 2 days allocated to Gorilla Trekking, you will only spend one day on the trek. The other days are there to provide a large enough window in which to obtain permits and to allow the entire group to trek if there are more than 6 of you on the tour. Today we will enjoy a visit to the Nyombi Village, a Pygmy village which is reached by motor boat from Bunyonyi Resort. We will have the oppertunity to learn about the culture of the Pygmies and how they live. (BLD)

Day 7 Kampala – no accommodation
Today we say farewell to the Gorillas and make the long journey back to Uganda's capital, Kampala. Your tour will come to an end upon arrival in Kampala.

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