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Namibia Hiking Safaris

Hiking in Namibia is a truly great experience. Here, you can enjoy endless views, feel at one with nature and fully appreciate the beauty and harshness of the land. There are numerous places that all levels of walkers can enjoy and the best time to hike is between April and October when the weather is cooler. Namibian summers can be incredibly hot - over 40c and as rains fall during summer, there is also the risk of flash flooding in some parts so it"s not really a time of year that we recommend. Hiking trails vary in length, some are located on private properties, there are organisations that also run specific hiking trails or alternatively we can book trails with National Parks but this must consist of at least 2 and no more than 10 people - waiting lists for these can also be lengthy. Before taking up any of these trails a recent medical certificate must be shown. Longer distance hiking here is wonderful but not for those looking for a leisurely stroll!


Hiking Safaris In Namibia

  • 03 Day Tok Tokkie Desert Trail - ex Tok Tokkie Farmhouse

    The beauty of this trail allows you to experience so many different aspects of the desert - from mountainous terrain to sandy dunes. You will be camping under the stars each night but no participation is required - a full back up crew is there for you. A guide will escort you and show you the wonders of the Namib
  • 06 Day Fish River Lodge & Hike

    The 5 night/6day canyon hike from Fish River Lodge is an invigorating 64km journey of discovery within 45,000 hectares of private park land in the magnificent Fish River Canyon.

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