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Eastern Africa

An large area of mysticism, grandeur and vivid contrasts with impenetrable forests giving way to pristine coastlines, arid expanses, snow-capped peaks and haunting savannah. All intricately co-existing in the most remarkable symbiosis we call East Africa.
The safari capital of the world has a population of more than 127 million people and land stretching to more than 1.8 million km² (representing about 5.8% of total landmass of Africa), East Africa has historically been a gem for travellers, a trading hub for ancient civilisations and a place where historians, artists and scientists continue to be in awe of.

Here you will find the Great Rift Valley (also known as the East African Rift Valley) which is one of only two continental rift valleys in the world, extending from Jordan all the way to Mozambique for more than 6,400km in length and about 60km wide.

East Africa’s opulence can be captured in its geographical features, where you will find the world’s second largest lake, Lake Victoria which is the main source of the Nile and encircled by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Also home to the continent’s 2 highest mountains, the first one being mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (which is also the world’s second highest freestanding mountain) and the second highest being Mount Kenya, in central Kenya. Both mountains are prescribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro are melting at an alarming rate and scientists estimate that by 2020 the remnants of the glacier will be gone.


All 3 countries’ climate is tropical but differs slightly due to the high altitudes and the rains experienced in the region.
Rainy seasons are typically from April to May and November to January with the rest of the months in between considered dry.
You can visit East Africa any time of the year but the best time to visit is during the dry season.


With over 130 million people in the region, there are roughly 44 indigenous groups and more than 24 languages with Swahili as the dominant language in the region. English however, is an official language for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


The 3 East African countries are famous for the ‘Big 5’ (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo) and the ‘Little 5’ (the antlion, buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise and the rhino beetle that is considered amongst the world’s strongest animals). Most of the 5 fastest animals are also found in East Africa (leopard, wildebeest, lions and Thomson’s gazelle) along with the colossal 7-tonne African elephant and the 190kg Ugandan gorilla.

Interesting Facts:

  • Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia are countries bordering Kenya.
  • East Africa is held by most scientists as humans and apes’ place of origin.
  • The Masai Mara and the Serengeti are amongst the continent’s best safari destinations.
  • Up to 25% of Tanzania’s landmass is designated as either a game reserve or a national park with the Selous as its largest reserve matching up to the size of Denmark.
  • Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are former British colonies.


With more than 35 national parks and reserves in Kenya and the enchanting wildlife the country offers, you are guaranteed an outstanding holiday experience with one of our scheduled safaris. These safaris have set departure dates, guided and catered by knowledgable, passionate and an experienced team who’s priotrity is to create that memorable holidays you seek.

Our range of options encompasses anything from a 4 day, in-and-out safari targeting hot spots for wildlife and culture, to a month’s voyage through the entire eastern and southern African region.

All our options are available below with full itineraries to donwload.


Glacier capped mountains, white sandy beaches and vast terrains hosting the world’s last standing mammal migration are all experiences every traveller must encounter. As East Africa’s largest country, the most effective way to experience the variation in topography is on one of our scheduled safaris. These are most ideal as they give you the freedom to choose from a long list of departure dates yet have great flexibility in pairing more than one safari if you wish to venture further north or south for an extended holiday. Your options also range from camping to accommodated option.

The team guiding you are well equipped, well experienced and have great fervor in sharing and showing nature and culture to all visitors. To explore the different safaris we offer look at the detailed itineraries we have below.


Uganda’s magnificence in enveloping different ecosystems so harmoniously is a guaranteed adventure that will exceed your expectations. Hundreds of animal species, endemic and endangered are one of many reasons to visit the country, and particularly if you are keen to see clusters of endangered primates. You can journey through enchanting Uganda through history, be captivated by its culture and its wildlife through a range of scheduled safaris we offer and with our experienced and knowledgable team.

Experience Uganda in 3 nights or extend your adventure for longer by combinging a Uganda experience with crossing plains of the Serengeti or the Masai Marai. All your scheduled safaris for the region are listed with full downloadable itineraries with information on prices, places and much more and a long list of departure dates allowing you further flexibility to maximise on your travel experience.


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